Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday - autopilot

Some days I am tired, sore, and just don't quite feel like running. Today was one of them. It's my last day of vacation and I am determined to stick to my training program so I went out and ran anyway. When I have these days it's like my legs are on autopilot, I don't have to think about speed, pace, etc., they just go while my mind drifts off to other places. That does not necessarily mean it was an easy run, but I did not have to struggle all of the way through it all either. I think the first and last miles were the most difficult but it's done and I feel good.

Despite my whining about running again, it is a beautiful 60 degrees, I finished my 7 miles in 57:53 (8:17) pace. A surprising number of people on the trail this morning, a couple of them enhanced the scenery making the run a little more bearable.

Funny post marathon video...

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