Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Who Inspires You?

We all have hero's or people that we look up to or admire for one reason or another. Somebody that has caught my eye and inspired me recently is Diana Nyad.

Diana is an endurance swimmer. She has broken and continues to hold several world records for swimming. She attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida last year and failed after being stung by several box jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-wars. They pulled her out of the water after swimming for 29 hours.

 She has not given up her dream and has continued to train for this swim. She is currently standing by and waiting for the right weather conditions for another attempt.

Diana is going to be 63 years old in August.

I love the outlook in this video of her stating "Life sometimes seems unfair, so what are you gonna do?"

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  1. It's truly amazing what the human spirit can give us the courage to do. My husband and I did a 5K today and there was a runner there getting his age group win medal - he was 83. I think that's inspiring. I hope I am still running (and alive) at that age!!