Sunday, June 7, 2009

Official Start of Training Program

After a nice easy week of about 18 miles, I have now officially started on my marathon training program. I was scheduled for ten miles but kicked things off with a 12 mile run this morning. The weather was a little chilly, cloudy, and windy, more like March or April than June, but perfect running weather. My Twitter friend @jpickett1968 planned a great route, following most of the Sioux Falls half marathon course. We did a nice job of pushing each other's pace throughout the run and finished with a negative split and about a 9:20 pace. I'll take that for a long run!

I am scheduled for 34 miles this week, and 36 the next, I quite a bit going on the next two weeks so it will take some serious planning and juggling to get my runs in as scheduled.

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