Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Running "Tool"

Happy Father's Day to all of the other father's out there! I have been saving a little money here and there the last couple of months for something that I have wanted for quite some time now. It is an extremely technical running tool that has the potential to enhance my training and bring my running to a whole new level.
Ok, truth be told, this may be the coolest gadget since the Furby!

I bought the Garmin Forerunner 405.

This is not just a running watch, this is a GPS enabled sports watch that wirelessly links to my computer and uploads my workouts. The features are amazing. During a run, the 405 will tell me my current speed and distance; it also records my coordinates and altitude. This gizmo records my predetermined splits and alerts me at each one to what my time is for that split. When I am running through town and have to stop for traffic, the 405 will automatically pause until I begin running again. There are also several training features on the 405 including a Virtual Partner in which I can pace myself against a predetermined or previous pace. When my workout is completed I just get within 3 meters of my computer and the information is wirelessly uploaded!
That's not all folks! Once my information is uploaded to my computer, it transfers to the Garmin website. This amazing website filters, crunches, stretches, blends, chops, purees, bakes, fries, and toasts all of this valuable information, then regurgitates it back out into this amazing log!
Although this is my first day with the Garmin 405, it looks like we will be building a beautiful relationship together, yes, I think I am in love. At least until the next techo-gadget comes out!

Have fun and run hard!

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