Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Recap

Today was my last training day for June. I completed the month with 127.4 miles including a long run of 14 miles and a long week of 36.9 miles. Comparing my month with May, I ran about 6 miles more and my overall average pace for the month was 8:22 vs. 8:26. So my average pace was 6 seconds faster for the month.

I do feel like I am getting faster and stronger in my runs. Today's 6 mile run was completed with a 7:48 pace which my second fastest run that I have had at this distance. The great thing about that is that I didn't feel like I almost killed myself completing the run. Don't get me wrong, I ran hard, but I didn't use up everything I had and leave my guts out on the road.

I am scheduled for 8 miles on Wednesday and 6 on Thursday. I am planning on taking it easy tomorrow and getting my first speed workout in on Thursday's run.

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