Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Ice Age Long Run

Today was my last long run before my first 50K, the Ice Age 50K Trail Run.

It was near perfect weather for a run, overcast, slight rain at the start, and 48 degrees. Finished up my 22 miles at 52 degrees, no rain and a light wind to keep things cool. Here are a few sights and some commentary from today's run.

We live out in the country, I told my wife that I think I might want a goat. She is not real excited about getting a goat. Today I ran through an Amish area and this house had a goat tied up to a tree in the front yard. If I had a goat I would call him "Buddy".

We had a decent rain all morning. I ran mostly on pavement except for miles 6-15. Miles 10-12 were on a road that had recently been graded. It was really soft and muddy, in fact I had to walk a large portion of it.

This is what my shoes looked like after this stretch of the road.

All done, the sign of a good run!

I finished 22.12 miles in 3 hours and 44 minutes and managed to pop out 27 push ups afterwards too. 
My reward for this run was a beer in the shower. 
Have you ever had a beer in the shower after a long hard run? 
Let me tell you, if you have not, you better try it, it is truly the way to recover!

Wife made a home made apple pie today.
The other part of a perfect recovery!

If you want to be an aspiring ultra marathon runner like me you must watch your diet., and apple pie are both key food items!

I am participating in a 100 mile ride in August to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


  1. We had goats...they were fun. Nice run today! Great way to recover, too.

  2. Awesome run and recovery food :)

  3. I LOVE goats too, I have always wanted one! If you get one, post pics! And your recovery diet sounds awesome, it makes me want to do your long runs just for the recovery! lol