Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inner Peace

In this crazy-fast paced multi-tasking world we live in, thank God we have running. Nothing slows the world down and brings such a calm peacefulness to the world like a run.

The Ice Age Trail Race is now less than a month away. I have been battling aches, pains, and this stupid plantar fasciitis all year. I took a good week off again to try and let my foot heal up. It felt better, but still gives me plenty of trouble.

My running goal today was to go 18 miles and not feel completely wiped out when I finished. I ran it easy and walked the hills whenever I felt it necessary and then some. I took a SaltStick Cap before I started and then one every 5 miles. At that time I also put down an Apple-Cinnamon Hammer Gel and carried 40oz of Gatorade in my Camelbak. My planned worked well, I did not worry about pace (for the most part), I concentrated on going easy, feeling good, and enjoying the entire experience.

The verdict?


Although my foot was bothering me the last few miles, I managed to finish with pretty close to a 10 minute pace and I feel good.

I sincerely hope that your Sunday run was also a great success!

In mid-August I will be cycling 100 miles to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Please consider making a donation to this great charity!

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