Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do You Love Where You Run?

Sometimes it get's a little lonely living out in the country and not having a running buddy. I have been pretty spoiled by having some great running buddies in the past. But I must say that I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to run in the area that I do. I gauge traffic by how many cars per mile I see, rarely is it even one.

I thought I would share a nice little 10K loop with you. Come run with me, I hope you don't mind a couple of hills, it's all part of the price you pay for the view.

This is the pavement after we get off a stretch of gravel about 6/10 of a mile.

After a short run on the blacktop we turn back onto the gravel.
There's a nice surprise at the top.

Pretty awesome view from  here!
We are just about to start having some fun now.

No traffic light here!

This is looking back at where we just ran, it's  almost a 2 mile stretch of gravel.

Back on the road again.
No ipods allowed, we have to be able to listen for traffic.

Uh oh...I think I see another hill around the corner.

Don't say that I didn't warn you!

We're havin' fun now!

Did I mention that there may be a couple of hills?

This pretty much sums up the views from my 10K route. 
My friends and I want to thank you for visiting!

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