Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Run

Scheduled 5 mile run today. Pretty happy with my pace. Finished in 40:57 (8:12 pace). Still have a nagging, hacking cough / cold. I am seriously considering breaking down and going to the doctor today to get some antibiotics. I feel good running but hack up a storm when I am finished.

This week will be a good test of my diligence when I go to Wisconsin. I will need to get in a 4 mile run on Saturday and 9 miles on Sunday. I am looking forward to somewhere new.

Feeling good in general, I noticed that my weight has gone back up from 188 to 191 yesterday. I have not been watching my diet very closely, but I don't think I have been eating too badly either. It will be difficult not to eat a lot of junk over vacation. Good thing I am putting in the miles!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jeff!

    What a neat thing to do! Much more than I'd ever attempt. Good for you! You Go!

    Aunt Donna