Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the beginning...

I will attempt to record my adventures as I prepare for my first marathon. I will be running the Twin Cities Marathon on October 5th. I have just begun my second week of seven of my pre-marathon training. I ran 28 miles last week and have 30 on the schedule for this week.

My training will consist of the before mentioned 7 weeks of pre-training, then I will begin my training plan of 17 weeks. My long runs will range from 6 to 23 miles and my weekly miles will range from 18 - 46 miles. I selected a training plan that gives me two to three days off per week and seems very manageable for my work schedule.

Today was my long run for the week, 9 miles. I try to run a very relaxed easy pace on my long runs and have so far been successful. It was a beautiful spring morning, the bike trail is bursting with green. 45 degree damp morning. I completed the 9 miles in 1:19:09 / 8:48 pace. This is very similar to my current goal pace for the marathon. I may adjust that as my training goes on, but for now I just want to complete the marathon in under 4 hours and I would love for my family to be there to see me and celebrate with me at the finish.

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