Saturday, December 22, 2012


I had a great workout on the treadmill last night. When I am not able to run for a few days the anxiety seems to build up. I made some time last night and hopped onto the treadmill with my "Hard Workouts" playlist.

My song list contains a lot of "angry" music including Papa Roach. They really seem to get me pumped.

I put in an hour on the treadmill. Worked hard on keeping good form and proper foot strike.

All is better in the world now.

I weighed in at 182.4 this morning. I have not lost a lot, but it seems to be a steady progression and I am headed the right way.

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  1. Way to go for getn it going with that workout. I like paparoach too. Nothing wrong with a little angry music. whatever it takes to get the job done. applaud on your progression. im trailn u by 17. lol. keep it up.