Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Old?

We are half way through March and I am already dealing with injuries. I started the year off with the plantar fasciitis, and I am still dealing with it off and on. I haven't done anything more than some extra stretching up until now. Today I purchased a night wrap that is supposed to help treat mild cases, hopefully this will take care of it.

I believe that the pain in my heel has caused me to change the way I run. This has resulted in some hip problems on the left side. The pain kept me from running this past weekend so I made a visit to the local chiropractor. 
I am not a believer in chiropractic medicine but I am trying it with an open mind. I live in a small town so I know the chiropractor fairly well, he is a nice guy,  hopefully he will heal me. He spent just enough time to give me some electroshock treatment, twist and pull me a little and put me into his torture device.

This looks like something right out of one of the Hostel movies!

Oh yes...lastly, I was working out with our morning core group and must not have been warmed up and stretched out enough. I went down into a lunge and felt and heard my hip flexor pop. So I really couldn't do much for lunges or our plank leg lifts on that side for the rest of the workout.

All of these little nagging injuries seem to be adding up lately. Maybe I should back off a little but running and working out are my stress relievers and really elevate my attitude to a new level.

I did manage to go on my first bike ride of the year today. We rode 17 miles and it felt great to get out there. We didn't ride very fast but it's early in the year, the speed will come with time.

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  1. Best wishes - It seems like guys our age battle those little injuries more and more. I agree - I'm not a big Chiro guy either, but I've been to ART a few times, and it seemed to help the tendinitis in my hamstring a little.

    Running is funny that way, when our bodies automatically compensate for a weak point, it affects other muscles adversely. It seems like running is a constant juggling act.