Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Training Notes

A little late on this post but I wrapped up a good week last week so I thought I would share some training notes.

First and possibly most importantly I have been lucky enough to find some training partners with my strength and core work. The first couple of weeks it was just me and one other person but now I have convinced (notice the word con in convinced?) two others to join us. Now 4 may even become 5, not bad for meeting up at 5:20am 3 days a week. The core workouts have been lasting about an hour, depending on how much slacking between exercises we do. I have been trying to change things up a bit every couple of weeks to keep us challenged, here is our current workout.

Each exercise is done for one full minute unless otherwise noted, we go through two rounds of this series.

  1. Forward weighted lunges - alternating legs
  2. Reverse weighted lunges - alternating legs
  3. Squats - with a couple of 5-10 second holds and at time some jumps.
  4. Flutter kicks
  5. V- ups (30 reps)
  6. Russian Twists
  7. Push ups (good form until you can't do any more)
  8. Full Body Crunches (30 reps)
  9. Push ups (yes again, and at least half what you did the first time)
  10. Bicycle crunches
  11. Plank
  12. Side Plank
  13. Side Plank
  14. Oblique Crunch
  15. Oblique Crunch
  16. Plank with leg lifts (10 count on each leg) x 4
  17. Bridge on the ball (hip thrusts)
  18. Bridge on the ball (rolling ball towards and away)
  19. Ball lifts with ankles (30 reps)
  20. Crunches on the ball
The great thing about our group is that we are each stronger in some areas than others and can push each other when things get tough. I have already noticed that my running endurance and posture have improved since I started consistently doing this for the last 3 weeks.

I was also able put in some solid miles last week. Although I was only able to run 3 times I still managed to finish the week up with just over 37 miles including 11 on  Saturday and 13 on Sunday. 

I have been practicing a run / walk strategy for the ultra, I think it will be good. Also working on getting my nutrition dialed in. This weekend I tried a PowerBar as fuel for each run. I had the cookies and cream and the peanut butter flavors, they are both pretty decent and pack over 200 calories per bar. 

Speaking of nutrition, I just received my order of the new Strawberry-Vanilla Hammer Perpetuem. Can't wait to give it a try!
Perpetuem has worked well for me in the past

That's about the extent of things for now. On my Sunday run I had the pleasure of scaring up 9 turkeys and 2 deer. I have been very blessed with the places I have been able to run. You may be tired of looking at these but I love running through this area and continue to explore new areas.

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