Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Running Secret

I have a secret side to me, a side that only a select few people know about, mostly because they wouldn't understand.

I am a runner. Sure, a lot of people know that I run, they just don't know how much. I plan vacations around running, read about running, day dream about running. It is my passion, maybe even an obsession some might say. It is something that non-runners just don't understand. I love the challenges and rewards of running, the cold early mornings that reward you with a beautiful sunrise. Seeing the world in a fresh way, from a slower perspective than a speeding vehicle.
I have learned not to talk much about my running to non-runners. Sometimes I find myself telling little lies or half truths about my running habits to non-runners. When I sneak out for long lunch breaks to get in a quick five miler, I might say that I have some errands to run. When getting up at 4am to get a run in before work it's like I have a dirty little secret that I don't dare tell due to the the "are you crazy?" looks that I would get. It's that same shocked look that they have after they ask you how far your marathon was and you politely tell them, 26.2 miles. Sometimes that's part of the fun too.

I often get the feeling that non-runners think that running is just a hobby for me. Something that I do in my spare time, an extra-curricular activity that is not necessary. Sometimes these non-runners will look at you funny or think that you are being foolish for trying to arrange your schedule to fit in a run for the day. Some of these same people don't think twice about watching TV for hours every evening or taking 10 smoke breaks throughout the day.

I don't always enjoy running. Sometimes I have great runs where I feel light as a feather and I think that I could run forever. Other times I may have to battle with my mind and body to coax myself along every mile just to finish.
Despite how I may feel during the run, I am always satisfied and feel great afterwards. It is what keeps me calm yet energized. Running gives me strength and confidence to do things that I might not otherwise think that I could do.

There has been pain and suffering caused by running.

Lost toenails
Bloody nipples
But there have been many more great people and experiences!

The Sioux Falls Area Dailymile Crew. I really miss you all!

Great Hy-Vee Runners! (Sioux Falls Half Marathon)

After the Mankato Marathon with Tom.

St. Cloud Earth Day run with the coolest ladies!
 Megan, Jenn, and Jenessa.


  1. Love it!! Great post! I think you just described every one of us.

  2. Awesome piece about the ups and downs of running life, Jeff. Great to get to know your journey on DailyMile as well!

  3. Great post, Jeff! I'm going to have to bookmark this to help remind me of why I run when I struggle to get out of bed in the morning (like the last month and a half). :)