Monday, October 11, 2010


As I write this update, there are only 11 days until the Mankato Marathon. My training has been fantastic. I have had great improvement and even surprised my coach with my progress. I ran my fastest half marathon ever a day after turning 41. There is a chance that I may even qualify for the Boston Marathon while in Mankato. Sounds exciting...but I don't feel it.

I have trained hard all summer for this marathon; I have logged over 1,200 miles so far this year. But I seem to have lost my motivation. Maybe it is because there are too many other things going on in my life outside of running right now. Moving to a new state and starting a new job are certainly a part of it. Maybe it's the challenges of my new running path. Running in the dark isn't quite the option it used to be. We are living in the country now, when it gets dark, it's black. Also, after being used to the relatively flat plains of South Dakota, the Missouri hills are really kicking my ass.
A couple of the "rolling" hills on my runs.

I know that distance running is hugely mental.
I know that running these hills will make me stronger.
I know how good it feels to finish a great race or run.
I know the rewards of perseverance.
I know that I can run 26.2 miles.
But I have my doubts. There is a part of me that wants to give up and quit. Looking at the map of the marathon, makes me question what the hell I am doing.

I have just begun my taper. I am physically and mentally ready for this break and to have the marathon behind me. I am ready to have fun with my running again.

Maybe I just need a little inspiration.


  1. Jeff, losing your running Mojo is totally normal. It happens. I even blogged about it a few months ago and everyone commented that it's normal. Kick butt at this race and then have a well deserved rest.

  2. Jeff, I know where you're coming from. The sudden "can I do this" and "what am I doing" phase before a big race. Dig down deep and know that you can do this. You have put the training in, you are ready for this race! You're going to do great. Pull out your DM cowbell, think positive thoughts and you can do it!

    I actually carry motivation statements with me on runs I worry about - I have them laminated and safety pinned to my shirt so I can read them when I need them. One of my favorites is "You are your own motivation" which was on a sign at a friends race a few years back. Believe it, own it, and run. You'll do great!

    And when in doubt - watch "Spirit of the Marathon". :) That helps. ~sara h. from DM (not the one with Tom). :)

  3. I can't wait to see you at Mankato. You've worked your butt off training for this marathon, and I have no doubt you're going to rock it! Have some fun on your runs for the next week and a half, you've earned your taper. :)