Saturday, August 4, 2012

Breaking the Slump

My first order of business....
It's crunch time for me. On August 18 I will  be cycling 100 miles in order to help raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. My goal is to raise at least $3,000. I am close but I need some help. Please consider a donation. Click here to donate!

On another Note:

Training for your "A" race is a huge commitment. It means early bed times on at least one weekend night due to a long run the next morning, juggling work and family commitments in order to get in that crucial mid-week tempo run, and of course, the forces of nature battling against you.

For me, once the big race finally comes and goes, I have found that I go through a cycle. My first instinct is to find another big race in which to participate. I am fired up and energized from my accomplishment. Then I figure why not, I am already in great shape. No sense in wasting all that hard work.

Then comes the downhill slide. I find that I don't want to work so hard anymore. I need a break, I need to have some fun and not feel obligated to run.

After my 50K back in May, I still enjoyed running. I managed to fit in a half marathon and a 5K within a little over a month after. Then came the crash. I didn't feel very good and really didn't feel like running.

So I didn't.

Except for an occasional run here and there, I pretty much stopped running and working out for about  3 weeks.

The good thing is that never once was I afraid that I wouldn't get back into running. I knew I would when I was ready. I am easing back into it now. I even started a couple of my runs this week before 5am. Once I can get out of bed, the morning runs are nice.

They help keep me balanced, take the edge off.

I am back, and I have a plan.

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