Sunday, October 23, 2011

Running Safety

We are in the middle of bow hunting season for deer here in Missouri, rifle season is just around the corner. Things get a little crazy out here in the country. I can remember one Sunday morning last fall being able to hear gunshots going off around me and a hunter with a blaze orange vest and a rifle slung over his shoulder walking down the road. For those of us that do a lot of running on the rural roads, I would like to send out a friendly reminder of the proper way to dress for this time of year.

First of all, you never want anyone to mistake you for a deer. Although it may seem funny at the time, you certainly don't want to run through the countryside dressed like this!


If you must insist on running outdoors during the prime deer hunting season, I recommend incorporating bright colors such as blaze orange into your running wardrobe. A good headlamp is a great investment too. I wear the Tikka X2 headlamp that has modes including a flashing white or red light. This may help keep the rednecks from using you for target practice. Here is an example of what a person might wear.


Thanks for stopping by, have fun and be safe out there!


  1. These are very helpful tips I will use when running in the woods a lot. Thanks!

  2. Cool post! I used to do a lot of bow hunting many years ago. I haven't done any in about 20 years. That is a funny photo too! LOL!

  3. Interesting. I thought that was some kind of,gimmick race to wear moose antlers or whatever that is