Tuesday, September 1, 2009

23 Miles

Today was my last 20+ mile long run. I ran 23 miles without having to stop and walk like I had on my previous 20+ milers.
I was a little intimidated thinking about it and preparing for it leading up to this day. I had practiced carb. loading for this run which involves eating a high carbohydrate diet the three days prior to the run. I believe that fueling properly before the run, making sure that I had plenty of sleep, and probably most importantly having friends to run with really helped me finish strong. Here http://bit.ly/LBJcj are the splits / stats for the run. My goal pace for this marathon is going to be 8:45 - 9:00 minutes per mile. This will allow me to finish in under 4 hours.

Just 4 weeks left until the Twin Cities marathon. I am really looking forward to the family support that will be there. I have realized, especially today, that having friends and family to run with and support your running is a huge mental boost. It would have been mentally and physically a much greater challenge to finish today without that support.

Thank you to my wife and family for supporting my running habits; and thank you to my running friends, especially Jeff (@jpickett1968) and Jenn (@purpleshoe), for the training support.
After today I feel that I am really ready to rock this marathon with confidence! But first - Corrin and I will be rocking Vegas!

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